A Hamptons Must Read: P. Diddy’s Booty Book

It’s a coffee table book THAT IS A COFFEE TABLE!!!

Okay, not really, but Puff Daddy, errrrr P.Diddy, is introducing a book about women’s butts entitled “Culo” which in case you don’t know means butt in Spanish.

The successful musician with an extracurricular passion can, if he’s also a fine businessman, turn that passion into art. Thus the rapper Sean (Diddy) Combs presents his entrepreneurial venture, “Culo by Mazzucco,” a photographic coffee-table collection of women’s backsides. New Yorker

The book was is a collaboration with P. Diddy (who has a house in East Hampton) and photographer Raphael Mazzucco and is essentially, well yea, pics of butts.

It’s coming out November 22! Could be a great read for your book club!

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