“Awkward” Shaun Maguire Wins Hamptons Marathon

A 25-year-old tech consultant who works in Washington D.C. named Shaun Maguire won the Hamptons Marathon Friday. And apparently, he just felt like running.

According to Newsday, Shaun did absolutely no official marathon training whatsoever. He said that he runs about an hour to an hour and a half after work each day, but entered the race just trying to get a good time and not expecting to win.

Shaun also ran the marathon on very little sleep. And if you look at the picture in Newsday, he has a bit of an awkward look to him. Pasty white skin and bony. Not exactly who you’d expect to win one of the toughest events in athletics.

“Let’s just say I function off very little sleep,” Maguire said. “To be completely honest, a marathon is de-stressing from my normal daily life. So this is actually invigorating. I feel more awake than normal.

You’re the man Shaun.

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