What Would Your Last Meal Be?

I was posed this question recently by Eric Feil, our Digital Director here at danshamptons.com, and it got me thinking a lot. In case you haven’t heard, the custom of providing a last meal for prisoners on death role in Texas has been nixed. I don’t care what your opinion is one way or another on the death penalty, personally I’m in favor of it, but to not provide a man his last meal just seems kind of wrong.

It got me thinking about what my last meal would be if I had a choice and I got hung up pretty bad on what it would be. Would it be a porter house for two just for myself? Would it be lobster? Tuna? Pasta?

This is a very, very tough decision.

I hate playing favorites with restaurants in the Hamptons because there are so many that I like. A porter house from Bobby Van’s would be on my list, so would the rosemary chicken at Nick and Toni’s or a pasta from Tutto Il Giorno in Sag Harbor. Or perhaps a fish dish from Beacon, or maybe even just a big pie of pizza. One of my friends told me that they would settle for McDonalds. MCDONALDS AS YOUR LAST MEAL? Believe it or not, this is a frequent request.

Okay, I’m just going to make a decision. I’d do a porter house steak as the main dish, and as an appetizer I’d do mussels in a white wine sauce, fresh bread, and for dessert, I’d get Haagan Daaz Vanilla ice cream with heath bar crunch as a topping. I’d have all of this with a several glasses of Wild Turkey 81 on the rocks.

Then I’d have a double espresso.

And then, I’d be ready to die.

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