Tim Tebow Traded to the NY Jets, Football Gods Smile on Me

In case you didn’t know, I’m a Tim Tebow fan, and I’m a Jets fan. And now, as if the powers of the universe have smiled upon me today, TIM TEBOW HAS JUST BEEN TRADED TO THE NEW YORK JETS!

I’m sorry, but this is a huge error by the Broncos. Tim Tebow will be great in New York, and he’ll put some pressure on quarterback Mark Sanchez to get his act together.

From Yahoo Sports: Quarterback Tim Tebow was traded Wednesday to the Jets from the Broncos. Denver general manager Brian Xanders said the Broncos would receive fourth- and sixth-round draft picks, while New York gets a seventh-rounder—all in 2012.

Denver started shopping Tebow after signing Peyton Manning on Tuesday.

The video below is one that I made of Hamptons residents Tebowing when he was a Denver Bronco—looks like there could be a whole lot more of that going on very, very soon!

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