1960s Fashion Looks

The fashions that helped to define an era of self-expression have found their groove again in 2012, thanks to MadMen. The 60′s era’s sweeping social, political and cultural changes made everything from skirts above the knee to knee-high boots a cool look; counterculture groups like London’s “mod” scene and America’s “hippie” sect influenced the styles and clothing types produced by mainstream fashion brands.

MOD: Who could forget the amazing London looks, long legs and iconic poses of Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton?  Look to these styles for an update on a mod look:

  • Long-lashed eyes & light lipsticks
  • Colorful abstract graphic patterns.
  • Short, “Sassoon” hairdos.
  • Flat loafers
  • Swing coats and capes.

KITTEN: Softer than a mod look, & sexy. The inspiration? 60′s era’s stunning screen stars.

  • In at the waist, accentuating the bust and hips
  • Kitten heels
  • Pencil skirts or full skirts
  • Monochromatic cream & black.
  • Effortless hair ala Bridgette Bardot and dramatic eyeliner.
BOHO: Elements that include daring color and modern safari styles that are upbeat and easy to wear.
  • ankle-length, brightly colored maxi skirts
  • textiles & beads from around the world.
  • crochet and lace tops.
  • Boots & sandals
  • fringed handbags

Amy Zerner is the Hamptons Number 1 fashion blogger and designer

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