Fishermen In Amagansett Want A State Investigation Of DEC

Remember the Lester family in Amagansett that was raided by the D.E.C. for selling small amounts of shellfish out of their home without a permit?

Well, even though the case is now over and the lawsuit thrown out, fishermen are still angry about the incident and nearly a dozen of them gathered in Amagansett last night showing support for a state investigation into warrant-less search and fish seizures.

Daniel G. Rodgers, a lawyer in Riverhead representing the Lester family, wrote a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo requesting the investigation.

Several high profile fishermen were at the meeting, including Stuart Vorphal, the owner of Stuart’s Fish Market in Amagansett.

New York State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. is in drafting and gaining support for legislation that would require the DEC to obtain a warrant with probable cause in order to engage in a seizure.

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