Hamptons Real Estate Everything Over A Million

Big real estate deals, including one for $24 million, from last week on the East End.


John and Robin Pickett to 171 Great Plains LLC, 171 Great Plains Road, 24,000,000

Beatrice & Nolan Myerson to Den & Wendy Moskowitz, 920 Montauk Hwy, 4,050,000

Estate of Thomas Nesbitt To Amagansett Estates,  103 Montauk Hwy, 1,425,000

Glem Gruman to Anita & Michael McGraw, 140 Sagg Road 3,300,000
Susanne M Roxbury (Referee) to IndyMac Bank, 13 Meadows East. 2,035,0330
Estate of Anna M Ungwood to BH Really Holding LLC. 2209 Montauk Highway. 1,916,750
Joann Burk to Gunter & Katerina Frangenberg, 109 Kels Pond Lane. 1,850,000
Nancy Kane to Justine Ryan, 41 Talmage Lane, 2,672,500
Jennifer Kalish to Emilie & Thibaut Ptzenberg, 23 Fetlock Drive. 1,720,000
Duck Creek Marina at Three Mile Harbor Ltd to Town of East Hampton 41 Talmage Lane 1,350,000

Jan Wennstrom to Glenn J Glasser. 3 Fort Lane. 1,725,000

Estate of Melvin Friedland to 61 Potato Road LLC, 61 Potato Road $6,650,000

Brian & Judy Gallager Trust to Sci Katarpa 41 East Beach Drive, 1,600,000
William Kirkland Basnight to Seadentopf LLC. 39 Elm Street, 3,200,000
Amabelle & Denis Coleman to John & Robin Pickett, 42 Cobbiefieid Lane, 2,900,000

Christopher A Bates to Harrison Chen, 8 Watermiil Height Drive. 2,350,000
Joyce Kim to Magali & Mitchell Smith, 102 Mill Creek Close 2,100,000
Josephine Simone to Catherine & David Moussazadeh, 478 Noyac Path 1,685,000

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