Montauk Chamber Of Commerce Wants To Battle More Red Tape From Town

I’m gonna have to side on the Montauk Chamber of Commerce on this one, the new “Entertainment Permit” is freaking ridiculous. Business owners have to get a permit to play music off of an iPod now? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I just got an e-mail from the Montauk Chamber of Commerce forwarded to me and I got pretty angry. Let’s hope that they can keep this permit from happening. Below is the e-mail.


We are asking all Chamber members to please attend the public hearing at East Hampton Town Hall on Thursday, May 3rd at 7pm.  The Board will take public comment regarding proposed legislation creating a new Entertainment Permit that all businesses providing entertainment will have to obtain. (Entertainment, according to the code definition can be something as simple as playing background music on an iPod) This permit will, among other things, limit the number of people that can gather outdoors on your property! This will replace the current Music Permit.  Please read the attached proposed law and show up to oppose it on Thursday.
We are strongly opposed to the proposed Entertainment Permit.

Businesses don’t need another legislative obstacle.

There are enough good laws on the books already to control our businesses.

Our survival depends on summer business and summer patrons who want to be outside.

The code will be impossible to enforce.

It puts too much power in the hands of one person, the Police Chief.
We need businesses to stand up and be counted at this hearing!

Laraine Creegan, Executive Director
Montauk Chamber of Commerce

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