No Election Surprises In Southampton And East Hampton, But Sag Harbor Surprises

Sagaponack and Southampton villages had uncontested elections on Friday. Both of the election results were won by those expected to win. In Sagaponack Mayor Donald Louchheim was re-elected, Trustee Lee Foster and trustee Lisa Duryea Thayer were also re-elected. Charlie Sheen also ran for mayor in Sagaponack, but lost with just one vote, and we’re not really sure if it’s the Charlie Sheen you’re thinking about.

In Southampton, Michael Irving and incumbent Richard Yastrzemski, earned their seats with the trustees for the two seats up for grabs. Both men were expected to win.

In East Hampton, there were also no surprises.  All four incumbents, who were running unopposed, were re-elected which included, Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr., Trustee Barbara S. Borsack, Trustee Richard T. Lawler and Trustee Bruce A. Siska were all re-elected.

Sag Harbor Village however, there was one surprise as voters elected a new person to the village board on Tuesday after a race for two seats had three candidates. Kevin Duchemin was elected with a surprise win along with incumbent Dr. Robby Stein. Kevin Duchemin unseated incumbent Bruce Stafford



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