Theresa Khuri, 50

Theresa Khuri, who is described by her husband, Nicholas Khuri, as the true founder and architect of RealNet, OREX and HREO, passed away on August 19. Khuri was a wonderful human being who loved all people unconditionally and would always express that love in words, in deed and in truth. But those who knew her had no idea how much love was inside of her until, during the prime of her life, just at the point when she was beginning to experience success from the fruit of her labor, she was stricken with primary progressive MS. It was at that time that Khuri began to shine as never before. She courageously battled the disease for 15 years. Khuri shared her spirit with everyone, and though she was bound to a wheelchair, she exhibited a joy too rarely found in this life. Soon after her diagnosis, Khuri made the decision to give all her strength to become a better person, and she lived out that promise with faithfulness and beauty.

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