New Life Crisis At 75 Main Saturday Night Converted Me To Fan Status

On Saturday I went to 75 Main to check out the band New Life Crisis which was playing without a cover charge. First of all, I love when there is no cover charge to see live music. Whenever this happens, I make a point to spend more money at the bar.

New Life Crisis is a freaking awesome band. I hope that more people spend the extra money at the bar when places offer artists free of charge. I think we all could use a little bit more rock ‘n roll. It’s good for you. I danced so much on Saturday night that I woke up sore, and I never dance.

I guess I’m a new fan.

The band also rocked at the 2012 Dan’s Papers Best Of The Best Party.  Paul Mahos, the lead singer, won Best of the Best Male musician at the Golden level this year – first time win for him.

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