So This Is Happening At The Dan’s Papers Office Today

Genevieve Horsburgh, the Production Manager here at Dan’s Papers, has been making fresh mini-quiches all morning long and handing them out to people in the office—and Jesus Christ are they good.

What have I done to deserve such deliciousness? I do not know.

Do not be fooled by Genevieve‘s last name, it’s her married name (she met her husband on I might add, which is a dating website I started). Her maiden name is Italian, which Genevieve, like every good Italian-American, reminds us frequently by cooking good food.

Thank God for Italians.

Genevieve, who is a ridiculously huge fan of Rachael Ray, made the quiche in the above picture using nothing else but some sort of electric cooker that looks kind of like a George Foreman grill.

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