The Fat Ass Fudge Lady In East Hampton Is Now Officially Famous

For many years now, all of us on the East End have seen the white little VW Beetle driving around the Hamptons with a donkey on the side of the door and the business “Fat Ass Fudge” proudly displayed.

Well, now the entire world gets to see the owner of Fat Ass Fudge, Donna McCue, show off her business on national television!

In the latest episode of “Shark Tank,” which is a popular show on ABC, Donna stands proudly before the judges to explain her business and the Fat Ass Fudge brand to investors who are looking to invest in small enterprises. Among these investors is billionaire Mark Cuban.

GO DONNA, GO! This is a real American entrepreneurship success story.

According to “Shark Tank:”

“After watching a video of Donna McCue selling Fat Ass Fudge at the farmer’s market in East Hampton, it would be very hard to resist not buying something from her, even if it did make your ass fat..;) She comes off as a very likable person that the Sharks are going to have a very hard time saying no to.”




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