Hamptons Fashion Fix: Wild Thing

Leopard fashion can be seen everywhere—in accessories, tunics, shawls, coats, sweaters and dresses. Leopard clothing gives the wearer a sexy, stylish, up-to-date look, never out of style. Leopard prints add such a fun element to any outfit!

I’m in love with my velvet leopard jacket that I designed (shown here, available at Bergdorf Goodman)—and have worn it a lot—it makes me feel protected, sexy and strong.

Be sure to keep this bold, edgy look chic and tasteful. If you stick to adding an animal-print accent to one item, like a scarf or bag, or simply go with a more subtle shade of leopard print for a dress or jacket, you’ll feel a cool, catlike courage when you walk into a room. The leopard print is one trend worth investing in, it’s classic.

After dark all cats are leopards. ~ Native American Proverb

Amy Zerner is the Hamptons’ number one fashion blogger and designer.

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