Derwood Hodgegrass Installs Caviar Machines

Local bon vivant and billionaire Derwood Hodgegrass has secured caviar vending machines for his Southampton mansion, which also serves as an exclusive club for many of the Hamptons‘ most elite residents.

“In the past I’ve served some lovely golden Ossetra to my guests, but it’s not always enough,” Hodgegrass said on Saturday. “I’m a man of means, but serving Beluga is just not within the budget.”

Hodgegrass installed three caviar vendors, including one with cheaper roe in the pool house, one on his expansive patio and another within the mansion itself. One machine even features silver serving bowls and other accessories.

So far guests have taken the move in stride, our South O’ spies (thanks, DJ Venus!) report. For the sum of just $15,000 per summer, Hodgegrass provides his members with most every desire, no matter how decadent, so most have been pretty easy going about this minor, added expense.

It’s well worth all the pleasures of Hodgegrass mansion, one guest explained.

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