Psychic Thoughts: Balancing Ritual

To clear your thoughts and prepare yourself to receive intuitive guidance, draw a circle on white paper using the base of a clear drinking glass as a template. Inside this circle draw the twin symbols of Yin and Yang, completely filling the space.

Cut out the circle and tape it to the bottom of the drinking glass so that you see the Yin/Yang symbol when you look into it. Fill the glass with water, remembering that the human body is mostly water. Place it between two lighted candles—one white, the other black.

Chant these words seven times, looking from one candle to the other:

Black – White, Day – Night,
Wet – Dry, Earth – Sky,
Moon – Sun, Started – Done,
Bring together in my Soul
What was rift now is whole.

Put out the candles with drops of water from the glass and then drink the remaining water. You are now ready for intuitive messages to come to you.

Read here about Monte Farber, the Hamptons’ number one psychic.

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