I Can’t Believe How Afraid Some of My Friends Are to Enter a Local $6,000 Literary Prize Contest That Stops Accepting Submissions at Midnight Tonight

So here’s the deal. You write a 600 to 1500 word piece of non-fiction, send it into us, pay an entry fee of $25, and if your story is better than everybody else’s, you win $5000. If it comes in second or third place, you win $500. It’s pretty straightforward. There is no catch. That’s the deal.

I can’t believe how many of my friends get stumped on this contest. Nearly everybody that I know is interested in entering the Dan’s Papers Literary Prize contest, which will stop accepting entries by midnight tonight, but many I bet will chicken out. I hear one excuse after another regarding this prize. They tell me that they don’t write non-fiction stories, they tell me that they don’t have enough time to write a story that they have in mind, they “offer” me an idea for their story and ask me to write it for them and then split the winnings (no I won’t do that by the way).

It’s just not that hard people. Writing 600 words of something that is interesting and then e-mailing it to Dan’s Papers just isn’t that hard to do. Give yourself some credit if you’re a writer and you have thought about entering into this contest but haven’t done so yet. You don’t have much time left to do it. Sit down, crank out a story and send it in. There is a very real chance that you can win $5,000 bucks if you do.

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