Hamptons Best Celebrity Instagram Accounts: Hilaria Baldwin

This week’s entry in our growing list of the Hamptons Best Celebrity Instagram Accounts, Hilaria Baldwin (hilariabaldwin), gives her followers a palatable cross section of daily life and activities, including lots of pics of new baby Carmen Gabriela, some fun moments with husband Alec and, of course, her two little pups Gitana and Dama!

Along with pictures of family and friends, Baldwin regularly posts photos of the Hamptons and a few beautiful New York scenes. If followers read her captions, there are even a few little jokes and some notes that will make you look twice (we’re talking about you, Dama, and whatever you tried to hide on that park bench)!

Check out the selection of photos below to see why Hilaria Baldwin joins Jimmy Fallon and Christie Brinkley on our list of the Hamptons Best Celebrity Instagram Accounts.

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