Snow, Accident Snarl Tuesday Commute in Southampton

A consistent snowfall Tuesday morning in Southampton Town has made a lot of people late for work—and an accident on Sunrise Highway/Route 27 did not help.

A station wagon rear-ended a large delivery truck in the left lane of Sunrise Highway westbound in Hampton Bays around 8:30 a.m. A state trooper responded first to the scene, where the front of the station wagon was flattened and the back of the truck appeared unscathed. The left lane was blocked for a time. The accident was right at the spot where a Flanders Road/Route 24 exit lets cars onto Sunrise. Traffic was backed up as two eastbound lanes converged into one, and those coming from Flanders Road also merged in.

But even to the east of the accident traffic was moving slowly. Drivers were taking extra care as the roads were coated in snow.

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