Yesterday’s Hamptons Mystery Photo Was a Stumper

There is a delicate balance to the Dan’s Papers Hamptons Mystery Photo Challenge on our Facebook page.

If we pick a photo that is too obvious, what’s the point? But if it is so obscure that no one stands a chance of ever figuring it out, that’s no fun either.

Our photo Monday seemed to us to be challenging, but not impossible. However, nearly 24 hours later we still don’t have a correct answer.

The first person to tender a guess, Tim, said the Southampton Village police station. While he was right about the village, this photo was not taken at the police station.

Now that we have narrowed down the geography, can anyone get the right answer? If you’re the first, you will win a Dan’s Papers Hamptons Original T-shirt. (size availability limited.)

To guess, leave a comment below this post, or comment right on the Facebook post.

Here a few of our recent mystery photos that have already been solved.

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