Hamptons Spelling & Grammar: Hampton Bays

In this edition of “Hamptons Spelling & Grammar, we look at the Southampton Town hamlet of Hampton Bays.

This place name is often mistakenly written as “Hamptons Bays” or “Hamptons Bay.” Just try to remember, there is one Hampton and more than one bay.

Shinnecock Bay, Tiana Bay and the Great Peconic Bay all touch Hampton Bays.

Don’t get fooled by the “S” into using an errant apostrophe. When using the place name like an adjective, there is no apostrophe. When stating that something belongs to Hampton Bays, make sure the apostrophe goes after the “S.”

Correct: The lifeguard-protected Hampton Bays ocean beaches are Ponquogue and Tiana.
Correct: Hampton Bays’  lifeguard-protected ocean beaches are Ponquogue and Tiana.
Incorrect: Hampton Bay’s ocean beaches are Ponquogue and Tiana.

We hope you found this helpful. Share your Hamptons spelling pet peeves by leaving a comment below.


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