Juliette Longuet Visits Tate’s Bakeshop’s Kathleen King
Jan 09, 2013 - Designer Juliette Longuet visits Kathleen King of Tate's Bakeshop, maker of the famous Tate's cookies. Longuet has a whole bunch of cool Hamptons-based videos on her YouTube channel. Check them out here.

From her profile description:

Energetic and seductive, France-born Juliette Longuet's brightly colored assortment of signature dresses,skirts and silky blouses fuses the energy of Manhattan with the romance of Paris. Dresses are delicate and fluid, and, as is often the case with Juliette's designs, just as well-suited for a day at your desk as for a night on the town. Flirty tops and cashmere cardigans round out the mix.

Tags : hamptons, Juliette Longuet, Kathleen King, Tates
Video By : Juliette Longuet



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